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I have been spending a lot of energy on New Media visual art. This assemblage combines sculpture, electronics, mechanics, programming and music. I call the series Kinetic Percussion. The user presses an illuminated button and the device bangs out drum patterns and flashes. It's loud and fun! The response has been very positive. Pan, Can, Bam! is shown to the right.

Contemporary Jazz

Djembe Records is a Contemporary Jazz Producer. We do smooth Nu Jazz - mostly Latin and House. Djembe Records puts the DJembe in Jazz!

I'm slowly working on a release, entitled Back to the Future. It features an interesting mix of songs from the 1920's done in traditional and very contemporary versions, including dance.

Sound Design

Djembe Records also does sound design for radio and video productions. We can capture sound on location with field recorders using industry standard shotgun or stereo mics in blimps. We also create original effects in the studio with an extensive collection of hardware and software synthesizers.

About our name

A Djembe, pronounced pronounced JEM-bay, is a hand drum originating in West Africa. The unique goblet shape of the drum shell allows a wide range of tones that can be produced by the djembe. More information on the djembe is at Wikipedia.

Audio Resources

We also have original content on-line, which may be of use to other small recording studios. I have an extensive collection of original MIDI banks and patches in .reabank format. You use the files with ReaControlMIDI, a free VST that will work with all popular DAWs.

I also have a page of interesting, open source software. Many of the free applications are quite good.

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