On-line links - more music resources

These are the music web sites that I frequent. I mostly use free VST, AU and VSTi and these sites have a ton of great, free plugins.

www.reaper.fm — The REAPER DAW. Try it free for 60 days! Great user forum and a great DAW.

Music News
www.createdigitalmusic.com — Music/tech news. I usually start the day here!
en.audiofanzine.com — Audio Fanzine, gear news, reviews and some informative guides.
www.askaudiomag.com — Ask Audio.
www.gearslutz.com — Active music engineering forum and gossip.

Print Publications
The internet is great, but I really like reading real, printed magazines. Subscribe to as many as you can! My favorites are Computer Music, SOS, Tape Op, and Pro Sound News. I also read three music trade magazines, Music Trades, MMR and Music Inc. I try to keep informed!

Published in England
www.musicradar.com — Computer Music Magazine & more; news, reviews, free samples and much more. It's one of my favorites. They also publish Future Music and other magazines.
    Computer Music Videos — on You Tube.
    Future Music Videos — on You Tube.
www.soundonsound.com — SOS, news, reviews and more.
www.musictech.net — Music Tech Magazine, news, reviews and more.

Published in the U.S.
www.emusician.com — Electronic Musician Magazine.
www.keyboardmag.com — Keyboard Magazine.
www.prosoundnetwork.com — Pro Sound News; covers studios and live music.
www.tapeop.com — Tape Op; interviews and gear reviews.

Free plugins and samples collections
Reaper includes many high quality VST plugins, but only one, basic VSTi synth. And plugins are fun anyway! Here's several sources for free plugins. Many free plugins are excellent.
www.vst4free.com — They host and have some unique free plugins.
www.bedroomproducersblog.com — Updated often, good reviews & links!
    25 best plugins from 2018 — A good list. NEW
www.kvraudio.com/?t[]=free — KVR Audio, large collection of paid and free plugins and a forum.
    www.kvraudio.com/kvr-developer-challenge — KVR Developer Challenge 2018 (and earlier). NEW
www.flstudiomusic.com — Updated often.
www.dontcrack.com/freeware — Don't Crack, well organized, free plugin, plus paid ones.
www.myvst.com — My VST, lots of well organized, free plugins.
www.vstplanet.com — VST Planet, yet more plugins.
splice.com/plugins/free_plugins — Nice list of popular free VST and VSTi. - NEW
www.cambridge-mt.com/ms-links.htm#freeware — VST FX from Mike Senior's wonderful Mixing Secrets book.

From Music Tech Magazine:
www.musictech.net/2016/10/freeware-2017 — 50 best plugins for 2017.

From Computer Music Magazine:
www.musicradar.com — 12 of the best free VST AU Instruments.
www.musicradar.com — 11 of the best free Mixing Plugins.
www.musicradar.com — 7 best free VST/AU Effects.
www.musicradar.com — 7 best free VST/AU Utilites & Tools.

Sounds and SF2 & SFZ Soundfonts
www.onesmallclue.com — Free SFZ and more.
www.ariaengine.com/free-sfz-sounds — Quality SFZ Soundfonts.
http://sso.mattiaswestlund.net — Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra SFZ Soundfonts. A must have!
www.hammersound.net — Major resource for older SF2 Soundfonts.
www.freesound.org — A ton of great raw sound samples (not soundfonts). You need to register, but it's legit.

Paid Plugins
These are some of the paid music VSTi and VST I have purchased and like. When I evaluate plugins I look for: 1. Great sound (of course), 2. Ease of use (Including a GUI that can be scaled up), 3. A good selection of presets, 4. Easy to install without intrusive DRM, 5. Ability to install on multiple computers and both PC and Mac (related to 4).

www.kv331audio.com — The Synthmaster VSTi is cool.
www.tal-software.com — In addition to a host of great freeware plugins, TAL has three modest cost paid VSTi and one VST. They are all well worth the money.
www.u-he.com — Everything they write is excellent! Not cheap, but worth the money. They also have a few free plugins that are great.
    www.u-he.com/PatchLib — U-he patch library.

More REAPER resources
www.kennymania.com/free-videos — Kenny Gioia's videos are excellent.
http://reaperblog.net — Tutorials and other good information.

Hardware Synthesizers
http://www.synthtopia.com — News on synths and electronic music.
http://www.gearnews.com — News on synths and guitars.
http://www.gearjunkies.com — Covers synths and audio gear.
www.reddit.com/r/synthesizers — Reddit synth forum, interesting.

Synth vendors
www.davesmithinstruments.com — Dave Smith analog synths, from California.
www.moogmusic.com — Moog, from Ashville, NC.
    forum.moogmusic.com — Moog user forum, an excellent resource.
www.teenageengineering.com — Teenage Engineering OP-1 and other unique synths. The OP-1 is one of my favorites!
    www.operator-1.com — Independent OP-1 forum.
    np.reddit.com/r/OP1users — Fairly active Reddit OP-1 forum.
www.korg.com — Korg synths and more.
    www.korgforums.com — Korg forums and info.
www.meeblip.com — Meeplip Anode and now Triode, a neat $140 digital synth module. Made in Canada, eh! You need one.

MIDI Files
www.fivepinpress.com — My collection of 100's of free, basic MIDI drum patterns. Original content by joel!
www.groovemonkee.com — They publish some great MIDI drum files, free demos are available.

MIDI Resources
www.midi.org — MIDI Manufacturers Association, MIDI information and documentation.

Music Business (Bidness here in Texas)
www.billboard.com — Music charts & news.
www.thembj.org — Berklee Music Business Journal, an excellent resource.

Mobile Music Software
www.singlecellsoftware.com/caustic — Caustic 3.2 is available for both Android and iPod mobile devices. It's the best tablet DAW I've found. You can download a free desktop version for Windows and OS X too. The Windows version works great under Ubuntu using WINE. Dirt cheap and fun, you need this on your phone or tablet.